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How to Find Web Design Clients?

How to Find Web Design Clients?

In the current era, where every business finds itself an online presence by websites, starting a web design business is the ideal strategy to ride this bandwagon. In this era of information technology, where every business is finding a place on the internet, everyone has thought of starting a web design business at some point in time.

However, starting a web design business is not an easy task. It has a lot of complexities, tricks, niche-specific knowledge involved that many idealists could not execute their ideas.

Nonetheless, by getting the appropriate help online and consulting with experienced professionals, one can easily start a web design business.

To help you with your new web design business, here are some tips and tricks which you should know before starting a web design business. These tips and tricks help you establish your own web design business and help you find your web design clients.

The whole set of tips and tricks would help you establish your brand as a whole in the web design market, and in no time, you would be helping others in starting a web design business.

In this brief article, you would come across all the necessary steps like setting up your website, managing your social accounts, presenting your portfolios, working on your networking schemes, choosing and working on specializations, and working on referrals.

These steps would be beneficial in starting a web design business, and you would be able to make a name for yourself in no time. Each step is explained in greater detail in the subsequent section:

Knowing things about your business

Get yourself acquainted

When you are planning on starting a web design business, you must get yourself familiarized with the norms and terminology of the industry. Suppose you have an ample amount of experience in web designing.

In that case, it is still required that you get yourself familiarized with the jargon of the non-technical side along with the technical domain of starting a web design business.

Similarly, suppose you have a grip over the business side of things. In that case, you have to get acquainted with the technical side to have a holistic view of operations before starting a web design business.

Think about your ideal client

When starting a web design business, you have to think about your ideal client. Having a clear profile in front of you would help you set the different things in the right direction. This idea of a perfect client would give you insight into designing your website, blog, portfolio, and social media accounts.

Thinking about an ideal client will also give you a head start about your ideal marketing strategy and target segment.

How would your ideal client buy

After identifying your ideal client, the next thing in starting a web design business is knowing the buying journey of your ideal client.

It would be best if you familiarized yourself with the process of designing a website and how a client approaches a potential business in this regard. Going through the process and designing your online presence according to the findings would prove beneficial for your web design business in the longer run.

It would be further beneficial to incorporate the pain points and red flags in your process so that when you are dealing with the clients, it is of no or little concern to them.

Work on your basics

When starting a web design business, you must think it through and have every detail of the overall schema right. One important task is to have an effective and timebound process of the overall design and development of the website.

Whether your own or adopted from another source, this process should be crisp and crystal clear to you. Having a process at the start could boost your business in the subsequent time.

Setting up your online presence

Making your website

When you are starting a web design business, creating your website is the first and foremost thing the users see online. Your website gives them an insight into what you represent as a brand and as a professional website designer.

Thus when starting a web design business, you should put real effort into designing your websites. One key thing to note is to put all the effort into the thematic design, text, content, and overall UI design of your website.

Make everything coherent such that the overall dynamics of the website come as a strong online personality of yourself and your web design business.

Creating Social Media Pages

After creating your website, the next step is to set up your social media platforms when you are starting a web design business.

In addition to the normal social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, setting up accounts on Behance and LinkedIn and other similar websites is helpful. You should also set up an account on web designing communities.

These social media accounts give a clear insight into your company, its ideology, and design philosophy and provide them with the initial information they need before contacting you.

Creating Portfolios

When starting a web design business, portfolios of previous projects can be a really good start. When you are generally starting your business, you might not have many professional projects in your portfolio. But portfolios are really important.

People generally ask about starting a web design business without a portfolio. Still, it is important to consider that if you haven’t done any professional projects, you might be familiar with some of the educational projects you have completed.

So when starting a web design business, you must have a portfolio displaying a couple of your completed professional/personal projects. A good way to present them is by having them on the websites or specific portfolio sites.

Blog your head out

Another good way of showing your online presence and subject knowledge is to blog things about web designing over your website or similar content websites like medium and others.

If you blog a lot and have a name in the community, you will have a head start when you are starting a web design business.

When blogging, keep in mind that the users would read these in great detail and would have an idea about you from your blogs. So, keep it real and as close to your personality as it could be.

Network your things right

Networking is the key

After creating your online presence with the help of a website, portfolio, blog, and social media account, the next thing is to get out there and network with the communities.

Networking is a really important step in starting a web design business, and real emphasis should be put on this. By networking at the right place and platform, you would be able to bring people to your website.

Networking is the first and foremost important step where the clients would look over your website and engage in the overall process.

Online Platforms

When networking, online platforms are the first place where you can engage in meaningful conversations. Places like Facebook or linked-in groups effectively provide a suitable platform for the online networking you need.

Thus join relevant groups on these social websites and post your content on them regularly. Your main task while networking online should be to bring them to your website.

When they are on your website, your content should be strong enough to make them contact you for further projects. By simply posting your blogs in these groups can help you actively engage with the overall clientage base.

Networking Events

Networking events are another important step in the right direction. When meeting people for networking, you must have a set pitch prepared.

This pitch should be based on your ideal client, your design philosophy, and your experience. The pitch can help you when you are starting a web design business.

However, it must be more the task of listening first in the networking events. You have to listen to other people and only talk when it is relevant or required.

Please do not put words in other’s mouths as it could backfire instead of having a large pitch. Make your pitch as short as possible and have different variations with you so you could switch them when required.

Coworking and Structured Networking

When starting a web design business, it is ideal for you to work in a coworking space. A coworking space is an ideal platform to have structured networking.

At your coworking place, you can work with many people who know their concepts, pain points, problems and work on them.

Furthermore, as these other businesses are also looking for an online presence, they could be your first clients, and you can help them set up their websites.

Follow Up

When you start a web design business and networking, following up is the key to work on. Having a system for following up could be beneficial in this regard.

When following up with potential clients, it is important to keep the conversation formal and brief to the point. By doing so, you give them an insight into what your whole theme and concept are about.

Follow-up would also help you lead your potential clients into clients.

Set yourself apart

What’s different about us

When you start a web design business, the foremost question that should come to your mind should be how you are different from other web design businesses, what is so unique about yourself.

Thus you can find it and portray it in a greater depth than the other businesses to set yourself apart. You can find this difference in one of the many ways.

It may be your price package, your methodology, your style, expertise, or technical assistance, or a combination of others that can put you away from the herd. But it is important to know it beforehand so that you can cash it accordingly.

Select your niche

When you are starting a web design business, you need to have some relevant experience with the web designing process and tools.

By familiarizing yourself with the tools and techniques, you can easily identify the niche of technical expertise you would possess. Selecting your niche is about the tools and languages you would use in web designing and development.

This niche would continue with you for the rest of your business journey. Therefore, it is important to set things right at the start.

Excel in a Specialized Field

Whether it is eCommerce, you are comfortable with or portfolios or learning management systems. But you have to have a specialized genre where you excel, and you should seek clients from the specific genre.

Excelling in a special field should be in line with the original thoughts of your ideal client, and thus the marketing and allied tasks are carried out accordingly.

By specializing in a specific genre of clients, you can have an authoritative standing in that specific field and could get more clients in this context.

Referrals and Testimonials

Showcase your clients

When you have had some initial projects and are in the subsequent phase of starting a web design business, you need to show your clients.

You can show your clients on your website. By showing your clients on your website and having credits for your work on their websites, the clients assess the kind of market and business you are working with.

If you have clients in a specific genre like an e-commerce store, a client from a similar genre would be comfortable doing business with you as you have hands-on experience in this regard.

Reviews and Testimonials

When you have had some initial projects and are in the subsequent phase of starting a web design business, you need to ask your clients for testimonials and referrals.

It would be best if you put their reviews and testimonials on your website. These can help get your further clients. Putting their testimonials can help clients in assessing what they are getting into when doing business with you.

It is also more important for them as it is the word of your clients for you which have a far greater impact on the clientage.

Summing it all up, when starting a web design business, getting clients is a tough task. It has to be made easy by doing a series of steps in the right manner.

While creating your online presence, networking, or specialization, it is important to consider what is different and new that you are bringing to the table. By doing so, you can set yourself apart from the herd.


How do web designers find customers?

Web designers find customers by networking virtually or in person. By going through different online networking platforms, web designers look for potential clients and approach them with the right services.

By doing so, they engage them in the process. This process is further followed up subsequently to lock them as customers.

How to market a web design business?

Marketing a web design business is dependent on several variables which you decide while starting the web business. You can market it online or in-person over the popular community websites, blogs, networking websites, and one-on-one networking.

How do I market my web design business?

You can market your web design business by posting about it online in social media groups and looking for potential customers. By contacting these potential customers, you can grow your business further.

How do I sell a website design template?

There are several online platforms like Behance which have options to sell your work. In addition to these platforms, you could set up your e-commerce website to put your website templates and sell them.

How to sell a website to a client?

When selling a website to a client, it is important to talk to them about their frequency of updates. If they require a post-sale maintenance and up-gradation service, it is important to set the terms with them.

You can sell the access to the client and train them for the up-gradation of the website through a content management system if required.

How to find clients online?

You can find the clients online over social and networking websites, such as linked-in groups, Facebook groups, blogs, and community websites. In addition to these, you can also find web designing clients on freelancing and work posting websites like Upwork and Fiverr, and others.

How to find web design clients on Facebook?

You can find the clients on Facebook by having options to connect you on your social media page. You can also find clients by posts from people in different groups and target them accordingly.

How to find web design clients on LinkedIn?

On linked in, people post tons of opportunities. You can search for web design-related posts, and you can find an ample amount of opportunities relating to web design there.

You can also add a contact me option on your linked-in page in this regard.

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