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Benefits of Video Marketing for Business

Benefits of Video Marketing for Business

With the rise of digital marketing and digital media, there is an increasing trend of using video marketing and for the right reasons.

Before video marketing was a thing, business owners struggled to create a representation for their brand. They had to rely on customers to take a leap of faith and a blind shot to use the product and decide if it was worth it. But now, customers have better options. It is another reason which has determined the importance of video marketing. It has given business owners a chance to create a visual representation of their brand. There are many benefits of video marketing for business, and the impacts of video marketing cannot be undermined. For starters, the importance of video in marketing lies in the visual medium.

In this article, we will go through some advantages and disadvantages of video marketing so that business owners and marketers can decide on their own if they want to seize the opportunity or not.

Importance of Video in Marketing


As mentioned earlier, the importance of video marketing lies in the visual medium. The visual medium is considered the strongest communication medium to ever exist, and research backs the impact of video marketing.

Researches show that people are more likely to retain what they consume using an audiovisual medium, and it is more likely to impact the way they think and make decisions.

Similarly, people are more likely to respond to the first image that appears in their minds when they need something. For example, if somebody needs a pen, his mind will immediately pop up a picture of a pen, and if that picture is from your video, you will become their first choice to buy from.

Brand Awareness:

The strengths of an audiovisual medium can be used to create an impact on video marketing.

You can create brand awareness effectively if you understand the importance of video in marketing. For example, for a potential customer to turn to your brand when she needs a pen, she needs to be aware of your brand. She will need to have an image of your pen in her head for her to decide in your favor.

One of the benefits of video marketing for business is that you can effectively put that image in your customer’s head.

Not just that, the visual information will also be retainable and retrievable, creating a long-lasting brand presence in the minds of your customers.

Brand Credibility:

Have you ever noticed how a product always goes unnoticed in a store until one day you see its ad on your television and it is suddenly prominent? That is the importance of video in marketing.

The more aware your customers are of your business, the more credible your brand will be perceived to be. The more presence your business has in the digital market, the more credible your brand will be considered because we naturally fear the unknown and trust the known.

You must embrace the benefits of the video market for business; otherwise, you will be left behind by your competition.

Brand Story:

As the importance of video in marketing for creating brand awareness, it is also an impact of video marketing that you can use the audiovisual medium to effectively convey a brand story.

Companies are not just companies anymore since they have started creating their representations. Companies have to communicate their brand values alongside the message in order to convert a customer today.

To create this bond, you can use video marketing to tell your brand’s story because your customer will only trust you if she knows you. For your customer to know you, you will have to communicate with her, and as before, we learned, a visual medium is the best form of communication.


When businesses communicate like a person, they do not remain just a business anymore; they become an entity, an entity with which a customer establishes his relationship.

Now no relationship can survive on its own and requires effort from both the side. A business has many customers, and it cannot listen to each one of them; neither all of them will write to a business.

Businesses must continue communicating with their customers creating what is called cognitive ease.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of video marketing, i.e., if you stop being efficient and don’t take the benefits of video marketing for business, someone else will and steal your customers from you. 

Brand Identity:

Your customers don’t forget your business as an entity that you created as an impact of video marketing. It would be best if you created an identity of your brand using video marketing.

Every brand has its unique story, and that is why they are perceived differently by their customers. If its understood the importance of video in marketing, you will create a brand identity for your business that will be unique and stand apart from your competition.

Additionally, if you succeed in creating a unique brand identity, you will earn the loyalty of your customers.

Brand Loyalty:

As you understand the benefits of video marketing for businesses now and how they communicate to their clients using it to create brand awareness, story, entity, and identity, you are very close to earning brand loyalty.

If your customers are aware of your brand, they feel your story, see you as an entity, and you have your unique identity in their head, they are very much likely to stick to it because getting this far with a business takes an investment of time and energy.

Your customer is not going to invest that time and energy in every business again and again. Once he is yours and satisfied with your services, he will swipe left on every video of every other brand that sells the same things as you because he has found his life-long partner.

But as you know, there are both advantages and disadvantages of video marketing. For your customer to get to invest his time and energy in watching your marketing video, there are some criteria to be fulfilled, explained next.

Emotional Appeal:

One of the benefits of video marketing for businesses is that it can successfully create an emotional appeal of a brand for its customers.

The impact of video marketing is at its peak if your video has an emotional appeal and can emotionally hook your clients. This is the point where you can become worthy of your client’s investment of time and energy in listening to your brand.

If he does, you already know all the advantages and disadvantages of video marketing it can bring.

User Understanding and Tutorials:

One of the major reasons a user is not trying a brand is not the poor product or services of the company. It is the poor understanding of the user.

But since a user cannot be blamed for his poor understanding, the responsibility lies on the brand to make their business more understandable.

The importance of video in marketing is that you can use it to make your user understand your business using video tutorials. The visual medium is the best and the quickest medium for learning, and it is an effective way to use the impact of video marketing to bridge the knowledge gap.

The video tutorials will also save your customers the time and effort to understand and enhance their user experience, which has its own benefits.

User Experience and Conversion Rate:

If you saved your customer from getting frustrated by taking benefits of video marketing for business and made him understand your business through video tutorials, half the job is done.

If you take one more step to enhance his user experience by offering satisfactory products and services useful to him, get ready for conversion.

Statistics prove that most conversions happen in the first three minutes of the customer’s visit to a store or a website. If your customer does not understand your business in these three minutes, forget the conversion.

But if you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of video marketing, you will use tutorials to enhance his experience, which will ensure a conversion.


Why is Video Marketing so Powerful?

The power of video marketing is in the audiovisual medium that video marketing uses.

The visual medium is the best communication medium available and has the highest engagement and memory. Some studies have even termed it addictive to users.

Because of these properties, a visual medium creates a deep impact, making the conveyed information more retainable and easily retrievable.

How can marketing help your business?

The importance of video in marketing is vital and cannot be undermined. There are many benefits of video marketing for business, and it is an effective way to:

  • Create brand awareness
  • Tell your business’s story
  • Create an emotional appeal for your business
  • Create a unique business identity
  • Ensure customer’s loyalty
  • Enhance user experience and boost conversion rate
  • Having a digital presence and digital ranking

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